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TTP Train Hard


Vision Statement

Triple Threat Performance possesses the core elements needed to excel and grow in the sports fitness industry. The keys to successful development are professionalism, state-of-the art facilities, and effective training programs. It is intended to maintain all assets of each element to expand TTP locally and nationally.

By providing our clientele access to world class training professionals, we can assure them our programs are generated to give them the best opportunity available to excel their training. Our existing staff is made up of world renowned athletes and trainers, which is what separates TTP from our competition. To succeed and expand it is an operative objective to constantly be scouting potential training professionals to maintain the integrity our clients expect and demand.

Education on current and upcoming fitness technologies is a key aspect to the future of TTP. Studies are often released announcing new technologies and human physiology discoveries supporting specific training benefits. Our clients expect our coaches and staff to direct their training agendas in an efficient manner to accelerate their conditioning. By vowing to maintain a high profile technological continual education, our clients will consistently be introduced to new methods and equipment to maximize their strength and conditioning results.

History of Triple Threat Performance

The private industry of sports performance training was largely non-existent in the mid-1990s and had not advanced extensively in the early parts of the new millennium. Outside of the tremendous professionals supporting teams and universities, athletes were often left to fend for themselves in the pursuit of creating a world-class support team to help them ethically achieve their goals. An athlete desiring to go this route would have to find a performance coach, physical therapist, nutritionist, soft tissue specialist, sports psychologist, and a host of other specialists who would then have to find a way to work seamlessly around the needs of that athlete. Given the range of professional demands on each of these specialists, and their diverse experiences, philosophies, and backgrounds, such coordination was difficult to pull off. Many elite and aspiring elite athletes who were willing to work hard and ethically to maximize their performance were left falling short of their potential.

Ethan Banning – National Strength and Conditioning Association State Director for AZ, had the opportunity to learn from some of the top performance coaches in the world being mentored by Joe Kenn-Boise State/Utah/ASU/Louisville, Dave Kennedy-Ohio State/Nebraska/Texas A & M and Mickey Marotti-Notre Dame/Florida founder of Triple Threat Performance - had a vision to change this. The vision, which sprung directly from the needs his athletes articulated, was to create an exclusive venue solely built around the needs and demands of the elite and aspiring elite athlete. In this "refuge" environment, he would assemble an integrated set of top specialists who would deliver scientifically backed, ethical performance solutions to athletes underneath one roof. If the Athletes bring the "Will to Succeed", our team of performance specialists will begin “Building Better Athletes.” Triple Threat Performance continues in its mission to provide athletes with ethical alternatives to achieve their greatest performance goals.

With the support of Hammer Strength, Mondo, his athletes, and his loyal family, Ethan opened the first Triple Threat Performance in 2004 in a temporary space on a college campus. In 2008, Triple Threat Performance entered into a lease agreement, giving Triple Threat Performance the opportunity to build its own state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Tempe. The facility, now known as Triple Threat Performance - Arizona (TTPAZ), opened its doors in 2008 and is gaining instant international acclaim for its design and functionality. A true refuge for the elite and aspiring elite athlete, TTPAZ is beginning to attract elite and amateur athletes from around the globe, each of whom recognize the value of Triple Threat Performance's ethical and integrated approach to sports performance training. Soon, many of the top champions in sport - across all sports – will begin to call Triple Threat Performance their off-season home.

In 2006, Triple Threat Performance began its ground-breaking NFL Combine preparation program. Prospective NFL athletes began coming to TTPAZ for focused training that; “Goes Beyond The Sport of Football,” to prepare them for the tests of the NFL Combine in the hopes of improving their draft position and developing a foundation for a long and successful career in the league. Triple Threat Performance's combine preparation program is growing quickly, and this year, will include more than a dozen draft picks. Proudly TTP’s program includes the retention of multiple 1st and 2nd round picks also.

In the summer of 2008, Ethan, Dan O’Brien and Triple Threat Performance gained global recognition for their association with the Chinese National Baseball team, which competed in its first Olympiad. The Team at Triple Threat Performance spent hundreds of hours during the four years with the Chinese team leading up to the event, helping to develop individual solutions for the Chinese players to help them perform at their peak level for the Olympic Games.