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TTP Train Hard


Triple Threat's Junior Training programs are designed to maximize an athlete’s genetic potential. The programs are based on the athlete’s initial testing and then monitored by continual testing throughout the training cycles. The programs are designed to perfect exercise technique, to build a sound foundation of athleticism, and to teach hard work and mental discipline. There are three specific programs that an athlete can participate in: Camps, Teams, or Individual Sessions.

The TTP Camp Program will coincide with the school calendar to provide the athletes the most assessable times of the year. For example camps will be held in the summer, during spring break, during winter break and on the weekends. The camps will focus on developing general abilities with a large number of athletes. The advantage to the camps is that it will require a minimal time commitment while providing the athlete with proper instruction on lifting and running mechanics. The camps will also be a fun and competitive atmosphere where the athlete can have a safe and fun environment while improving their fitness.

The next Program will be the Club or Team program. Due to the set up of the TTP facility there is more than enough space to train teams together. This is an excellent opportunity for club programs or high school teams to come in and work together while receiving professional instruction. With the decline in PE programs on the high school level many athletes are unable to get quality athletic development training. TTP will fill that void. Training as a club or team provides a competitive atmosphere where teammates are able to work side by side while developing a strong bond that carries over to the court/field which yields further athletic success.

The last program will be for small group sessions. The advantage to the group sessions is that the athlete will receive more one-on-one coaching from the TTPAZ sports performance staff. The programs will also be tailored more specifically to the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. The athlete will also receive a training binder which will track their training from the moment they step into the doors to the point where they leave.

Regardless of the program the athlete chooses they will receive the type of training necessary for them to achieve their goals. All of the Performance Coaches at TTP have played collegiate or professional sports and they understand what is needed to excel in high school, college, and the pros. Whether your goal is to earn a Div I scholarship or play in the NFL, Triple Threat Performance can help you get there.

TTP works with:

  • Red Mountain Football
  • Higley Athletics
  • Saguaro Baseball
  • Chaparral Football, 2009 State Champs
  • Chaparral Lacrosse, 2009 State Champs and 2010 State semi-finalist
  • Scottsdale Community College Baseball, 2009 NJCAA Runner-up & 2007 NJCAA 3rd Place
  • Club Red Volleyball, #1 ranked 16U team