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Triple Threat Performance works with professional athletes from many different sports. With as much money as professional athletes are paid, it is imperative to keep them healthy and performing throughout the year. TTP’s coaches are well versed in biomechanics, bioergogenics, periodization, and recovery. They have worked with athletes from many professional sporting disciplines and know exactly how to prepare each athlete for their specific sport. Triple Threat Performance Programs are geared toward professional athletes have two main goals; to prevent injuries and to improve performance.

The first part of the TTP Professional Athlete Program is to address and correct any injuries and/or imbalances that may have occurred during the season. The second part is to structure the athlete’s training in such a manner as to help prevent future injuries in the upcoming season. Each sport and/or athlete is predisposed to certain orthopedic issues and it is the aim of the coaches at TTP to concentrate on these with the goal of preventing future problems. TTP also places a priority on recovery means to help ensure the health of the athlete throughout the training cycle. This includes sports massage, chryo-therapy, contrast-therapy, vibro-massage, flexibility, and visualization to name a few.

The second aspect of the Professional Athlete Program is to improve performance through individualized programs. The coaches at TTP will assess the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses through a comprehensive testing and evaluation protocol. From that point they will design an individualized and periodized training program that meets the biomechanical and bioergogenic demands of the sport. Some of the athletic abilities that our coaches will address are:

  • Functional Mobility and Stability
  • Reactive-Strength
  • Relative-Strength
  • Speed-Strength
  • Strength-Speed
  • Isometric-Strength
  • Cardiac Development
  • Cardiac Capacity
  • Anaerobic ATP Development

Professional athletes training at Triple Threat Performance can expect some of the highest quality training and facilities in the industry. Our coaches understand what is required to play professional sports and the demand that is placed on the body. Because of this, our program is a perfect blend of rehabilitation and performance, giving our athletes an edge over their competition. The TTP training center is a beautifully designed brand-new facility with all the amenities that professional athletes expect. We have brand-new equipment, a players’ lounge, and stunning locker/shower rooms. Professional athletes are sure to feel comfortable and at home training at our center.

"As a pitcher at both USC and in the Major leagues I realize how important strength and conditioning is. Afterworking with Coach Karasch I was able to achieve the highest level, winning a World Series."
Randy Flores
Colorado Rockies LHP

"I have worked with some of the best Sports Performance coaches in the world. Coach Banning has the most comprehensive
program that I have ever seen."

Dan O'brien
USA Track & Field

"Ethan and the Triple Threat team always stay on the cutting edge of performance training. Their knowledge and attention to detail helped improve my overall athleticism and strength & power. I can say confidently that Triple Threat Performance can help anyone achieve their athletic goals and dreams."
Laynce Nix
Cincinnati Reds OF

"The Triple Threat team helped my speed, power, and explosiveness. This training helped me become a complete baseball player."
Jayson Nix
Cleveland Indians IF

"Coach Banning at Triple Threat Performance provides the best opportunity for draft prospects to see the necessary improvements in order to impress NFL scouts and General Managers. I would highly recommend the system if a prospect wants to see his stock dramatically rise."
Adrian Ross
Cincinnati Bengals LB (1997-2005)